I Am Making Good Money

Of course on the books I have been working at a grocery store, and technically I am not allowed to work so many hours at that because of school. In truth I have been mostly doing my school work in about half the time they expect it to take and when I have this other work I can wake up early and finish it up before my Uncle Greg’s friend comes by to pick me up. He is retired, but he does HVAC repair in Brooklyn so long as you pay him cash or if you pay someone else. I guess from what I understand he can not earn very much money while he collects his Social Security and I doubt that he wants to pay taxes regardless of any other factors. I am 17 years old and bigger than most men you would run across on a job site, but the child labor laws say that I am not allowed to do this sort of work. That does not bother him, but I wonder at what sort of trouble he would be in if I got hurt.

This is far from steady and he does not take on any work that requires him to devote so much of his attention to it. Still when he gives me my pay it adds up to a lot more than I can make on any job that I can take before I turn 18, which will be in 10 months. Of course I hope that I shall be in college then, but it is far from certain that I will be able to get in or that I shall have enough money for that. I am saving up what I can so that I can be ready for it if I am able to get in.