The Bearing of New Fruit

In my backyard, I had an apple tree that produced apples for many years. The tree came with the house, and every year I would look forward to seeing the apples grow. I’d pick some and put them in my refrigerator until I was ready to eat them. Random animals would come into my yard and eat any apples that I didn’t get. The tree died last year, which I hated, but it wasn’t all bad. The tree death left me with a chance to find a replacement. I got one from a fruit tree nursery.

One good thing about being able to get a new tree was that I could select the size of the tree that I wanted. The old tree was a full grown tree that I had to prune to keep from growing any bigger. Whenever I wanted to pick the apples, I would have to either shake the tree or get a ladder and climb it to reach the apples. I was always worried about falling off of the ladder. The new tree that I got grows to a height that is much closer to mine, so at best I would only need a step ladder to pick the apples.

The tree grows pink lady apples, which are my favorite, but I’m not limited to growing just them. I can graft on a limb from another tree onto that tree at any time. This gives me the ability to grow many kinds of apples, and even pears. I’ve been thinking about adding some gala, granny smith, and golden delicious apples. Those will come in handy when I want to make an apple pie. My grandmother used to make preserves with fruit, and I would love to try that with the apples that grow on my tree.