Farewell to the Ugly Mole

Most people have something about their body that they don’t like. For me, it was a huge mole that always sat on my chin since I was a kid. It wasn’t even like a beauty mark that the models always talk about. It was just a mole that I didn’t like, and the kids always made fun of me for having it. They called me all kinds of names and it made me sad. Eventually the teasing stopped, but the pain never really went away. Once I started getting my own income, I went to aesthetic doctors in Singapore to have something done about the mole.

The doctors at the clinic told me that the mole could be removed easily, and it wouldn’t be that painful. They said that I could even go back to work the same day after getting the mole removed. I still wanted to take a day off so I could relax after the procedure and have a little celebration. On the day of the procedure, I was excited to finally be free of the mole. Some people would probably be scared to have something done to their face, but I welcomed it, because it would give me the face that I always wanted.

The mole was removed successfully, and I went to my favorite restaurant to have a good meal on the day it was removed. The feeling of not having to see that mole ever again made the meal taste even better. The area where the mole was healed nicely, and now there is no trace that a mole was ever on my face, or that I even had it removed. One of my friends asked me what the doctors did with the mole, which I thought was a weird question. He mentioned how some hospitals let people keep their tonsils or appendix after a surgery, which I found odd.