I Have Been in Germany for a Month Now

I have been over here for about six weeks now. They sent me to basic training down in Georgia and then I went to a school where they taught me how to service aircraft. Then I went straight over here after they decided that I was qualified for the job. Now I spend most of my days out on the runways of one of the largest U.S airbases in the world. Rammstein is in fact a place where they bring in all of the wounded from our endless wars. Today I learned that apotheke in Germany means a drug store, or apothecary. I was looking for something for my teeth really. I went out this weekend and ended up drinking a good deal of beer and some peppermint schnapps as well. At any rate I ended up quite inebriated and when I woke up the next morning I had a fat lip and some sore teeth. I was not sure what happened, but apparently I tripped over some other person who had drank more than me.

Either way I really was wondering if my teeth were okay so I got the dentist to look at them. That is one of the great things about being in the military. If you need a doctor or a dentist you just have to make the arrangement and show up on time. He said that my teeth would be fine in a few days, and offered to give me some pills. However where I come from there are all sorts of problems which start out just this way. Some doctors writes a prescription and the person who uses those pills ends up overdosing on heroin. Or they get locked up and their kids end up with foster homes. I wanted nothing to do with those pills.