Key soccer tactics to know

As a soccer coach, it’s your job to determine which tactics will work best, so you must choose the right approach depending on both your team and the opposition. Here are some options that might work for you.

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Counter Attacks

This strategy works by catching the opposing team off-guard when they are trying to attack. If their players are out of position and one of your players managed to get the ball, it gives you a great chance to play the ball into their half and pass to a striker who remained there during the attack. It’s a tactic that was used by Leicester during their Premier League title win, and it could work for you if you have a strong defence.

Long Ball and Set Pieces

If you have a strong striker, this tactic could work well for you. Often seen as boring play, the long ball is a good tactic for teams who may be less technically gifted than their opposition. It prevents the need for fancy footwork and allows an unexpected attack. Set plays come under the same category and are a great way for teams with less overall skill to take advantage.

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One on One

This defensive tactic can be risky because it all depends on your player marking an opposition player of the same speed and skill. However, when paired correctly, it means that the opposition has much less chance of keeping possession. This is something that should be practiced in training, so watching soccer training videos like those offered at can help perfect your team’s marking skills.

Defensive zones

This strategy sees every player given a specific zone to cover and works well in areas in which a player lacks the same pace as the opposition. By covering their own area, players won’t be running after the ball and therefore leaving opposition players free to counter attack. It only works correctly when players ensure that their area is covered at all times; a lack of concentration could mean that the opposing team can find a way to break through your formation.

Don’t be scared to change your tactics depending on the game. Your strategy when playing against a similarly skilled team should differ from when playing a more technically gifted team, so do your research in order to get the best from your players.