Meredith Iler- Helping Heroes of The Global War on Terror!

The war on terrorism is growing day by day. Innocent people are being targeted for selfish and vested interests. There is turbulence and killings in the name of honor, terror and religion. Every day thousands of soldiers fight in this global war of terror to defend innocent people and some even end up losing their lives. These soldiers unconditionally give up their lives or are severally injured for the love of their people and nation. They are true heroes who deserve to be remembered and worshipped for life!

Meredith Iler – remembering the unsung heroes of the Global War of Terror

Meredith Iler is the founder of The Wounded Hero Home Program that is the signature program of Helping A Hero. She is responsible for spearheading the multimillion fundraising campaign for Helping A Hero that succeeded in awarding over 100 homes for veteran soldiers that were injured in the Global War on Terror.

About Helping A Hero

She says that Helping A Hero is a non-profit organization established in 2006 that gives support to military personnel that have been severely injured in the Global War on Terror. These homes have been specially adapted for these veteran soldiers in association with builders, developers and communities. The veteran is also consulted when these special homes are being made. Besides providing homes for injured soldiers and their families, this campaign also gives them additional programs in the form of marriage retreats, emotional support, caregiver programs, recreational activities and financial support.

True facts on the Global War of Terror!

She says that in the Global War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq there are almost 90% soldiers that come home wounded from battle. They suffer from severe injuries that stay with them for a lifetime. It is true that medical advancements and other facilities have reduced death rates over which were faced in the Vietnam War however speedy evacuation is the need of the day to save these soldiers from death. There are several soldiers that live with post traumatic injuries to the brain, amputations and post trauma stress. They do survive the evils of the war however it does take them a whole life to return to normal life.

The major mission of Helping a Hero is to salute these brave men and women who walk into the battlefront to safeguard citizens of the nation without thinking about their own lives. They too are somebody’s loved one and they leave the comforts of their own home and family to defend the nation.

Once back with severe wounds and injuries, Meredith Iler says that need to be reintegrated into society and the community. It is easier said than done however getting back to normal life is hard both mentally and physically. However, the community and the well-wishers have made a small endeavor to help these wounded soldiers with adapted homes so that they can return to normal life with the passage of time. These soldiers are true heroes that sacrifice a lot in the never-ending war against terrorism!