Which wall colour will go best with brown flooring?

Whether you opt for real wood, laminate or tile, choosing the right wall colour to match your flooring is important. Here’s what you need to look for to compliment your brown flooring.

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The tones

Each shade of brown comes with its own tones, allowing you to choose your wall colour based on these. Hints of orange are often found within wood and so adding orange to the mix will only compliment it. For particularly dark wood, you may see more of a red tone, lighter browns could include yellows, whereas non-wood brown flooring often contains hints of blues and greys.

Look closely at the tones in your flooring and think about the room. For example, the latest trends for kitchens sees warm tones coupled with blue/grey neutrals.

Balancing the colours

If your brown floor is quite dark, don’t be so quick to paint the walls white in order to brighten it. You can still add colour to match without it looking too clinical. In rooms where you might have dark waterproof laminate flooring, such as that found here https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring/waterproof.html you could think about using a light green to continue the theme of nature that the colours represent, or go for a tan or beige that includes warm tones.

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Light is also important when choosing your colour. Don’t go too dark on the walls if the room doesn’t receive much natural light to avoid it looking duller and much smaller.