Understanding Wall Mural Painting Better with Peter Max!

Murals are paintings on solid and large structures like walls, rocks and caves. There are artists that paint interior murals as well on different themes and genres. The paint used in interior murals are mostly wall paints however the artist has to note that when dry the color of the paint is darker over the display in the can. Experienced mural painters suggest that the use of acrylic paint will address this problem and give you the hues that you wish to highlight in the work.

Peter Max- a leading name in mural painting

Noted artist in the USA, Peter Max has combined art and everyday life. He generally focuses on current day events and is more into painting murals. He likes to use images that are familiar and display his art forms in public mediums like murals or postage stamps. He tries to make his art appealing for his viewers. He started to train as an artist when he was a child after his family shifted to Israel. He started to paint at a young age with a Viennese fauve painter.

As a child, he became inspired to use bold color palettes in his work. He attended an art school for a short time in Paris before his family migrated to the USA. He enrolled in The Art Students League at New York and concentrated in the genre of realism. After completing school, he entered the commercial arena where he started to create and design covers for albums and book jackets. He blended his realist hues with graphic art. He became interested in photographers like Richard Avedon in 1960 and he went on to create a collage work of photographs. From 1970, Max started to focus more on painting and concentrated on mixed media work.

Throughout the lifespan of his career he went on to complete a lot of public work. They include Dale Earnhardt #3 Millennium race car, postage stamps in the USA and more than 200 public murals that also covered a section of The Berlin Wall.

Coming back to mural paintings, he recommends artists should also check the finish of the paint depending on where the mural is being made. If you are doing wall paintings, he says that check the paint on the wall. In case you are not aware of the paint on the wall, use oil -based primers as mostly walls have oil paints. The condition and the style of your work will also influence the choice of paint you use.

In case you are using stencils for covering the wall, opt for paints that do not run quickly or even dry easily. Here, he says that the artist should deploy paint sprays to help. You may opt for artist grade acrylic paint and use water for thinning them. In case, you are using a lot of texture on the wall, it is important for you to apply a lot of paint. Peter Max also suggests that you may use latex house paints for your mural work for consistent colors and larger applications.