Two Birds on the Attack

Last week I had to call the bird control and removal services company in my area because there were two large birds that kept flying into my kids when they were playing around in the backyard. They went out there to play with their water guns, like they usually do when the weather permits, but their fun was ruined when the birds kept flying into them. The birds were trying to peck at them, and they kept running, and even tried to hit the birds with the water from their water guns. I made them come inside and checked them out to see if they had any pecks or scratches on their skin.

Although the kids were fine from the whole experience with the birds, they were still shaken up about the whole thing. They didn’t want to go back outside to play for a while. I put in a call for the company to come do something about the birds and they told me that they would come over right away. I learned about the company from a friend who had a problem with some birds in her yard a while back. She said they did a great job and would recommended them to anyone.

The workers from the company came and were able to trap the two birds that had been harassing my kids. Surprisingly, the birds didn’t give them much trouble, and were basically able to just walk into their trap without any difficulty. I guess that comes from having years of experience dealing with birds, because if I tried to do that, the birds would have surely attacked me just as they did my kids. Once the birds were gone, I tried to get my kids to play outside again, but they just wanted to stay inside and play video games.